Inker overhauling, rebuilds and repairs

Rosario Inker Service can serve you with service to upgrading and overhauling of your inkers.A good, overhauled inker will benefit as it reduces the risk of downtime of the line.With a shortage of technical personal, some can plants run inkers in production till parts break down. Others use a time frame till when inkers are ready to be overhauled.Where an annual maintenance must often be completed in a short period of time and with 24 hours of production it brings a pressure on can plants to maintain their high standards.Rosario Inker Service can provide this service from the rebuild center, however local support can also be provided.For a larger number of inkers, our preference is sending the inkers over as the required tools as a toe-in table are available at our premises. Shipping can bring in fast lead times due to the availability of spare-parts, tools and employees.

Commonly used services for inkers

⦁  Overhauling

⦁ Upgrade CMP inkers to CD2 by adding adapters, bushings, seals, with other requested spare-parts.

⦁ Upgrading with the latest improvements